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Agri-Business Positions

Job Order Title Location Salary Range
JH-4177 Accountant / Business Manager North Central Nebraska To $60,000
KH-4591 Accounting Manager California Excellent Salary Based on Experience
DC-4891 Ag Chemical Sprayer Texas Panhandle Salary To $60,000 + Bonus To $.30 Per Acre Sprayed
DC-5020 Ag Chemical/Seed Sales Central Nebraska $50-100,000 Depending On Experience + Bonus
DC-4183 Ag Commodities Broker South of Ogallala, NE Area Guaranteed 1st Year Salary - By 2nd Year Should Be Making $50-55,000 Or More
DC-4798 Ag Equipment Sales Eastern South Dakota Base $30-60,000 Depending On Experience + Vehicle + Commissions
DC-4189 Ag Sales Representative Minnesota Base To $40,000 Depending On Experience + Annual Commissions To $25,000
DC-4922 Ag Sales Representative Multiple territories $40-90,000, Depending on Experience
EH-4313 Ag Service Technician Eastern Nebraska $10-15/hr
JH-4581 Ag Service Technicians Eastern Nebraska $14-20/hr., Depending Upon Experience.
DC-4692 Agricultural Sales Representative Florida $65-80,000, depending on experience + Performance Bonus
DC-4218 Agronomic Sales Southeastern Minnesota Base To $40,000, Depending On Experience, Plus Commissions or Bonus Opportunity
DC-4884 Agronomist / Seed Sales Northeastern Nebraska To $60,000
DC-4991 Agronomy / Fertilizer Sales Upper Midwest $80-95,000, Depending Upon Level of Experience.
DC-4969 Agronomy Billing Manager Kansas $40-45,000
DC-4638 Agronomy Location Manager South Dakota Base $60-65,000 + Incentive Plan (20-30% of Base)
DC-4190 Agronomy Sales Western Nebraska To $50,000, possibly more depending on experience
DC-4226 Agronomy Sales Western Nebraska To $50,000 Depending On Experience + Annual Bonus
DC-4665 Agronomy Sales Nebraska $40-55,000 based on experience + Commissions to $30,000.
DC-4832 Agronomy Sales Nebraska $40-50,000 based on experience + Commissions to $15,000+
DC-4264 Agronomy Sales Consultant Southwestern Nebraska Base to $50,000+ Depending On Experience
DC-4265 Agronomy Sales Consultant Southwestern NE/Northwestern KS Base to $50,000+ Depending On Experience
DC-4266 Agronomy Sales Consultant West Central Kansas Base to $50,000+ Depending On Experience
DC-4745 Agronomy Sales Consultant - MI Michigan Base to $50K, Depending On Experience, Plus 2 Bonus Opportunities
DC-4974 Agronomy Sales Manager Southeastern Minnesota Salary Based on Experience
KS-4728 Animal Health Positions Nationwide To $100,000+, Depending Upon Experience
DC-4656 Applicator North Central Nebraska Hourly To $16 Depending On Experience
DC-4699 Applicator / Equipment Operator Kansas $14/hr. plus possible wage adjustment after first 90 days
DC-4618 Applicator/Semi Driver Eastern Nebraska To $45,000 Plus Annual Bonus
KS-4109 Area Sales Manager New York Territory $75,000 - $125,000 Plus Commission
KS-4809 Area Sales Manager South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, northern Iowa $75,000 - $125,000 Plus Commission
DC-4986 Area Sales Manager/Agronomist Midwest $40-60,000 + Commission
DC-4195 Assistant Agronomy Manager North Central Nebraska To $100,000, Depending On Experience
KS-4920 Assistant Elevator Manager Colorado $50,000
DC-4294 Assistant Manager / Sales Agronomist North Central Nebraska To $60,000 Depending On Experience + Bonus Opportunity
KS-4417 Beef Nutritional Consultant Wyoming $70,000 - $90,000
JH-4729 Biofuels Positions Nationwide To $100,000+ Depending Upon Experience
KH-4493 Business Development Executive Ireland $66,300 - $79,560 (50,000 - 60,000 Euros)
DC-4655 Business Unit Manager - Poultry Asia Base to $150K + Bonus + Excellent Benefits
DC-4416 Center Pivot Service Technician Southwestern MI To $25 per Hour Plus Bonuses Plus Annual Profit-Sharing
DC-4234 Center Pivot Technician North Platte, NE Area and North To $60,000 Depending On Experience
JH-4179 Certified Public Accountant Mountain Region To $80,000+
KH-4796 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Russia Excellent
EH-4951 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Pacific Northwest $120-150,000+
DC-4223 Commercial Applicator Eastern SD To $60,000 including Acreage Bonus
DC-4203 Commissioned Sales CO, KS, IA, IL, MT, MO, and CA $1560 Commission Per Truckload Sold (Product To Cover 200 Acres)
JH-4578 Commodities Analyst Indiana Salary Commensurate With Experience.
JH-4414 Commodities Merchandiser Midwest To $75,000+ Plus Bonus, Depending Upon Experience.
JH-4283 Commodities Trader Pacific Northwest Based on Experience, Extremely Good Salary + Bonus.
KH-5030 Controller Kansas $130,000
JH-4742 Controller/CPA Positions Nationwide, Pacific Northwest $75-100,000 Depending Upon Experience + Excellent Benefits
DC-4237 Custom Applicator North Central NE $40-50,000 Depending On Experience + Bonus Opportunity
DC-4237 - A Custom Applicator North Central NE $40-50,000 Depending On Experience + Bonus Opportunity
DC-4227 Custom Applicator Southwestern Nebraska To $60,000 depending on experience
DC-4224 Custom Applicator South Central Nebraska $45-60,000 including acreage bonus
DC-4292 Custom Applicator Northwestern Iowa Hourly Wage $15-16/Hour
DC-4337 Custom Applicator East Central ND $14-17/Hour Plus $.20 Acreage Spraying Bonus
DC-4351 Custom Applicator South Dakota To $50,000, possibly higher
DC-4357 Custom Applicator Southeastern Nebraska To $16/Hour
DC-4885 Custom Applicator Northeastern Nebraska $50,000
DC-4918 Custom Applicator Iowa $50-60,000 + Acreage Bonuses
DC-4982 Custom Applicator Wisconsin $15-16/Hr. plus $.50 per acre spraying bonus plus excellent benefits package
KH-4254 Dairy Equipment Service Technician New York $45,000+
JH-4172 Dairy Feed Nutritionist Mountain Region Salary Based on Experience
KS-4164 Dairy Feed Sales South Central PA Base $45-55,000, Depending on Experience + Commimssions
KS-4194 Dairy Nutrition Consultant PA, NY, MD & DE Competitive -- Based On Experience
KS-4150 Dairy Nutrition Consultant - New York New York Competitive - Based On Experience
DC-4695 District Sales Manager - Seed Southeastern Iowa Base $50,000 + Bonus Based on Annual Graduated Unit Sales Increase
DC-5046 District Sales Manager - Seed Northeastern Nebraska $50,000 Plus Bonus Opportunities
JH-4293 Engineering Platform / Product / Program Mgr. Wichita Metro, KS area Salary Commensurate with Specific Experience, Education, Leadership & Communication
JH-4754 Environmental Health & Safety Manager Nebraska $50-55,000, Depending Upon Experience
DC-4147 Equipment Sales Representative Kansas $35,000 base+commission **Estimated first year salary of $50,000**
JH-4559 Equipment Technicians / Mechanics Various U.S. Locations DEPENDING UPON EXPERIENCE
JH-4280 Farm Equipment Technician Mountain Region $20-25 PER HOUR + PROFIT SHARING BONUS WHEN REPAIRS DONE EARLY
KS-4961 Feed Manufacturing Manager Nebraska $35,000
KS-4505 Feed Mill Manager Nebraska Depending on Experience
KS-3044 Feed Positions Nationwide To $100,000+, Depending Upon Experience
KS-4727 Feed Sales Representative Texas $30,000 - $50,000 + Commissions
KS-4919 Feed Sales Representative Oklahoma $35,000
JH-4334 Feed/Transportation Controller Western USA Salary Depending upon experience.
DC-4749 Fertilizer Applicator Oklahoma $14-16 per Hour depending on experience PLUS very good benefits package
DC-4599 Field Agronomist Upper Midwest To $70,000 for the right individual
JH-4345 Field Service Technician Central Nebraska $35-50,000+, Depending Upon Experience.
DC-4980 Field Service Technician Wyoming To $25.00/hour + Quarterly Incentive Bonus
DC-4323 Floater Operator Fremont, NE Area $13.50-15.00/Hour PLUS Acreage Spraying Bonus
DC-4210 Floater Operator / Ag Sales Eastern Nebraska To $15.00+/hour depending on experience
DC-4966 Floater Operator / Truck Driver Northwestern Kansas $40-45,000
KS-4632 General Manager (North America) South Central US Excellent Compensation Depending on Experience
JH-4300 Grain CFO/Controller South Central U.S. To $75,000+, Depending Upon Experience
DC-4270 Grain Marketing Consultant Central Nebraska To $60,000
KH-4598 Grain Merchandiser Colorado Excellent Compensation
KS-4898 Grain Merchandiser Nebraska $40,000 - $55,000
KS-4962 Grain Originator Nebraska $70,000.00
JH-4730 Grain Positions Nationwide To $100,000+, Depending Upon Experience
DC-4902 Inside Sales Representative Upper Midwest To $55,000
DC-4793 Inside Sales Representative-Seed Western Kansas Base to $60,000 or possibly higher based on previous experience plus Performance-Based Bonus
KH-4165 International Food Commodities Traders Dubai Or Dublin, Other Locations Negotiable To $75,000 +Commission depending on experience
DC-4446 International Trader - Fish Meal Midwest Preferred; Negotiable SALARY COMMENSURATE WITH EXPERIENCE
KG-4751 Irrigation Company Manager Western Missouri $40-45,000
DC-4726 Irrigation Service Technician Oklahoma Up to $80-100K
DC-4507 John Deere Sales Representative Kansas $40,000 - $80,000
KS-4473 Liquid Feed Sales Wisconsin $70,000 - $80,000 + Commissions
DC-4955 Marketing Manager - Agronomy Dakotas To $45,000
DC-4693 National Sales Manager Florida $80-150,000, Depending On Experience, plus Performance Bonus.
KS-4157 Nutritional Consultant/Sales Rep PAC, MTN, SWS, NCT, SCT, ECT Based on Experience
KS-4780 Nutritionist Wisconsin $50,000 + commission depending on experience
JH-4365 Office Manager/Bookkeeper Northern California Salary Based Upon Experience & Qualifications
KH-4392 Operations Manager Wisconsin $55,000 - $70,000
KS-5018 Operations Manager South Central $75,000 + Yearly Bonus Based on Performance.
DC-4865 Operations Manager - Irrigation Equipment Midwestern U.S. $55-70,000 Depending On Experience PLUS Incentive Program
DC-4206 PCA Sales Representatives Central Valley Region of California Salary based on Experience, Base + Comm. Opportunity to make 6 figure income
KS-4880 Plant Manager Tennessee $100,000
KH-4943 Plant Manager Iowa $110,000 - $125,000
KH-4299 Poultry Manager New York $100,000 - $150,000+
DC-4981 Precision Ag Sales Specialist Midwest $45-60,000
DC-4851 Precision Ag Technical Support Central Nebraska Base To $65,000, Depending On Experience, PLUS Incentive Bonus Program
DC-4978 Precision Sales Agronomist Northeastern Nebraska Salary Plus Sales Commission, $40-60,000.
KS-5051 Regional Operations Manager Midwest $60,000
KH-4443 Route Supply Sales and Delivery Wisconsin $40,000 - $65,000
DC-4187 Sales Agronomist North Dakota $70-90,000 + Incentive Bonus $10-20,000 + Use of Company Vehicle
DC-4231 Sales Agronomist Western Nebraska To $60,000 Plus Potential 45-15,000 Annual Bonus + Vehicle
DC-4421 Sales Agronomist Southwestern MN to Northeastern SD To $70,000 Paid Hourly Plus Annual Bonuses to $20,000
DC-4623 Sales Agronomist South Dakota Base To $50,000, possibly higher for right individual, PLUS Incentive Program
DC-4860 Sales Agronomist Midwestern US Base to $90,000, Depending On Experience, Plus Bonus Opportunities
DC-4797 Sales Manager - Farm Equipment Minnesota Base $70-75,000 PLUS Two-Part Annual Bonus Opportunity PLUS Company Vehicle
DC-4232 Seed Sales Nebraska Base $40-60,000 Depending On Experience + Commissions To $10,000
DC-4229 Seed Sales / Agronomy Sales Central Nebraska To $40,000 + Bonus
DC-4215 Seed Sales Specialist South Dakota Base $50-65,000 Depending On Experience + Excellent Benefits Package
KS-4672 Senior Manager / Analyst Texas To $150,000
EH-4312 Service Manager Eastern Nebraska $40-60,000
JH-4286 Service Technician Eastern Nebraska $30-40,000 ($10-$14 per hr, average of 50 hours a week)
JH-4281 Service Technician - Farm Equipment South Central U.S. $12-17/Hr. Depending On Experience + Monthly Performance-Based Bonuses
DC-4236 Sprayer / Applicator Central Nebraska $15 Hourly
KH-4535 Supply Chain Manager Mid-West Confidential
KH-4545 Swine Genetics Veterinarian Illinois Depending on Experience
DC-4620 Technical Sales Agronomist Minnesota Base to $65,000 For Right Individual + Possible Performance Bonus
KS-4668 Technical Support / Nutritionist Kansas - Nebraska - Missouri - Oklahoma Territory $40,000 - $100,000 DOE
DC-4736 Territory Feed Sales South Central PA Base to $45K + Annual Bonus Based on Customer Retention
DC-5010 Territory Sales Manager - Agronomy Nebraska $50,000 Plus Potential Commission to $25,000+
JH-4831 Territory Sales Representative - Canada Western Canada $40-60,000 Base, depending upon experience, + Commissions. 1st Yr. Target $100K
DC-4422 Territory Seed Sales Home-Based Office - South Central U.S. $60,000 Base, possibly higher, Plus Performance-Based Bonus
JH-4287 Ventilation Engineer Eastern U.S. $50-55,000
KS-5034 Wholesale Feed Expeditor Southern Central US $50-100,000

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