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Reference Number: NA-6862210664


Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate has worked on large and small Ag operations. He is currently working a small ranch raising grass fed beef. The cattle are born, raised and finished on the operation. Then taken to the ranch-owned kill plant and cut to be sold to local restaurants, grocery stores and private parties. He has two employees that report to him for day-to-day operations. They irrigate about 1,000 acres of hay meadows and pasture, use an intensive grazing plan with electric portable fence to accomplish this type of grazing plans. The hay is all put up using round bales and is all grass hay. Prior to this job he worked at a large ranch in central Wyoming as the manager of 1,000 acres of irrigated crop ground with a combination of pivots, gated pipe, and trap and dam. They had 10,000 acres of deeded, BLM, State and private lease ground. He ran 1500 ewes and 300 Angus cross cow/calf pairs, and would buy an additional 1000 to 2000 lambs a year to run through mountain states lamb coop. The calves were backgrounded at the ranch on a mixed ration feed of cracked corn or barley and ground alfalfa. Steers would be marketed after the first of New Year and heifers would be carried over for development. In addition, he did custom feeding of bred cows and heifers for development in the winter to sell feed produced. The crop ground was mostly planted in alfalfa for hay production. He utilized barley, millet, barley/pea wither triticale and cover crops to freshen up alfalfa fields. Utilizing irrigation and these crops worked well for double cropping and aftermath grazing of the livestock. They would sell around 1000 tons of baled hay a year. The livestock in the summer was located 60 miles away from the home ranch on leases on top of the big horn mountains and they would trail the ewes and lambs to and from the mountain while the cattle would be trucked in the spring and trailed. He handled all the book work, budgets, cash flow and work very closely with the ranch account on tax preparation every year. He had 3 full time employees and during busy times of the year like lambing and calving an additional 5 parttime employees. Most all the maintenance on the operation was done by him or an employee, major overhaul was outsourced most of the time. He did most all the welding and fabrication on the ranch. He has an associate degree in farm and ranch management and his years of experience working in different parts of Montana and Wyoming be able to take bits and piece from different places and doing them on another. He believes that a person is never done learning and needs to attend meets, seminars and network to gather a better knowledge of markets and things that are working around the industry. I am looking for another long-term management position where he can further his career in agriculture
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.