Reference Number: NA-8173411112

Plant Breeder / Geneticist

Candidate Description:

Plant Breeder / Geneticist seeking a plant breeding or genetics-related position. - Conventional, classical and molecular plant breeding approaches, early and late generation selection, handling segregating materials, multi-location field trials or genotype-by-environment tests and field plot techniques - Trait evaluation and developing crossing program, population development, inbred line development and varietal breeding - Phenotyping large population for both abiotic and biotic stress responses under field, growth chamber and greenhouse conditions - Hybrid breeding for outcrossing grass - Marker assisted selection, QTL mapping, association mapping, tissue culture and genetic transformation, transcriptomics (RNA seq) and metabolomics - High throughput genotyping and genomics for marker development i.e. GBS, exome capture, and transcriptome sequence - Software expertise: SAS, R, Joinmap, QTL cartographer, QTL ICIMapping, MapQTL, Mapmaker etc. Open to relocation within the U.S. with ability to work in U.S. without Visa sponsorship. Seeking a minimum base salary of $85,000 plus Health Insurance and Retirement benefits. AVAILABLE WITHIN 30 DAYS
Contact Info:

f you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Dianne Countryman at or call 308-381-4815.

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