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Herd Manager

Candidate Description:

Maggie's passion for agriculture begun when she was 5 years old, attending to the daily chore of feeding baby calves with her grandmother at their families 900 head dairy. The barn has always been her favorite place to be. At the age of 15, Maggie was the head herdsman on a 300 cow dairy and also helped to oversee 2 employees. In college, she helped to manage a farm comprised of 1,800 lactating cows and oversaw 5. After college, Maggie took a job as a Herd Manager in Connecticut where she was employed for 3 years. When people ask Maggie what her responsibilities were at the farm, her response was that she was responsible for the care of anything with a heartbeat, meaning the animals and the people who take care of the them. Maggie has always had a desire to continue learning and further her understanding of the dairy industry. It is because of this that, Maggie feels she is an exceptional manager for the animals and the people. It is important to her to be self-sufficient and be the best caretaker for the animals and people that she can possibly be. From there, Maggie began working for a 4,000 cow dairy, with several management hurdles. Looking at the job as an exciting opportunity to overcome many different challenges within the dairy, Maggie felt that it would be a great place to learn and push herself. Her employers there were extremely low-input and would rather be a herd milking 60 pounds per cow with average to low herd statistics than push to be one of the best herds in the country. After learning this in a short period of time at this dairy, Maggie decided quickly that this was not the place for her and she was not ok with being associated with this type of management style. Maggie began looking for more of a challenge and a place that would grow with her. Always aiming to be better and never settling with the status quo. With not a lot dairy operations in her area, Maggie found a position locally at a veterinary hospital as the Hospital Manager. Here, it is her job to oversee roughly 20 employees as well as carryout all aspects of business management (all financial responsibilities, employee responsibilities, and whatever decisions that need to be made to keep the hospital running and being profitable). Maggie enjoys her job, but knows, without a shadow of a doubt, her life is meant to be lived taking care of cows and the employees that care for them. Maggie is looking for an opportunity with similar responsibilities as the other dairies she has been on or possibly more. Maggie would like to be at a farm with a positive work atmosphere and experience new opportunities to learn and new challenges.
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If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to the Reference Number listed above and contact Kirk Hansen at or call 308-382-7370.

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