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Reference Number: NA-1673954863


Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate grew up ranching with his family and has always had an active part in daily ranch activities. Agriculture has always been his passion and he is excited to begin a career in agriculture. He will earn a degree in Ag Business in May 2020 from the University of Wyoming. Through college, he worked different jobs which furthered his college experience and expanded his knowledge. His part time job was assisting a brand inspector, in which he learned more about different permits and inspections. He will graduate debt-free and paid his own way through college. He has enjoyed the college experience; however, he is ready to start doing what he loves, which is ranching. He considers agriculture a lifestyle not just a job and has based his life on the quote, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life,” and agriculture is what he loves. He has experience on ranches in Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Because of the diverse country, he understands the challenge of low elevation, as well as high elevation. He has assisted in all aspects of agriculture and understands the daily struggles ranchers face and has been taught at a young age to be proactive, not reactive. The ability to be proactive helps alleviate pressure in time sensitive situations as it allows him to be prepared. He has a strong work ethic, and is ready to help his employer’s operation perform to the best of its capability. He is strong, young, ambitious, and ready to learn.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.