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Reference Number: NA-3583965234

Regional Sales Manager

Candidate Description:

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate has a Bachelor of Science Degree. Recently, this candidate was a Regional Sales Manager for an animal health pharmaceutical company. Her duties include providing details and selling animal health pharmaceuticals, biologicals, nutriceuticals, equipment, feed, and laboratory testing and transport systems to veterinarians, producers, distributors, and laboratories. She has a very strong background in the swine, dairy, beef, equine, and pet industry. She has a farming and livestock background. She has business to business and direct to the producer sales experience. This candidate has helped write the marketing plan for the company to increase sales. She has developed marketing and incentive programs for national distributors to promote her products and company. She has presented training for distributor’s inside and outside representatives on how to position the company products. This candidate has worked very closely with distributor and did ride-alongs to train the outside sales representative on selling the features and benefits of the company products. She has conducted presentations at meetings for producers and veterinarians up to as many as 300 attendees. This candidate has attended trade shows all over North America to represent the her company and promote their products. She has been the booth captain which included ordering all marketing materials, set up, and tear down of the booth at the trade show. This candidate has organized training sessions for sales team and customers to increase their productivity. She always meets deadlines. This candidate stays in close contact with her customers and they know they can call her at any time to ask questions. She treats her customer the way same way she would want to be treated. This candidates bends over backwards to help solve customer’s problems and make them happy. She is very good at probing to discover the customers wants, needs, problems or pain to determine what product will solve their problems best. She is very optimistic and will always try to find the positive in everything and wants to leave her customer feeling better after talking with her. This candidate believes in integrity and follows through on what she tells someone she is going to do. She tells the truth, if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will find out the answer and get it back to them. This candidate is a very strong closer and always ask for the order before she leave a call. She is not pushy though. This candidate sets short and long term goals and will make it a priority to achieve them. One goal she has is to be the top sales representative for her company and has achieved this many times throughout her career. She is searching for a sales and marketing position in the animal health industry.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Carrie Thomas at [email protected] or call 308-384-4886.