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Ranch Production I have 20 plus years involved in agriculture. I grew up on a large ranch in South Dakota, and am experienced with livestock, rangeland and crops. The ranch that I grew up on I have done virtually everything there is to do to keep a ranch operational. I did my internship with A Genetics Company in South Dakota., which is a semen and embryo collection facility. Some of my duties there were collecting bulls, heat detecting cows, and helping assist in flushing donor cows. I also helped fed and cared for all animals. While working for a purebred Angus ranch in Nebraska I was assistant herdsman in charge of helping out at their 2,500 head feedlot developing their Bulls for their sale and taking care of some of their bull battery. Many of these bulls were famous AI sires that sold for $250,000 dollars and have generated lots of revenue in semen sales that I was entrusted to take care of. I have balanced rations, doctored cattle accordingly and looked over the cowherd checking pastures and feeding silage to help get cows in condition for sale day. I have supervised up to three employees with previous jobs and consider myself a great communicator. I have three associate degrees in Natural Resources, Ag Business, and Ranch Management. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Range/Livestock Management.
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