Reference Number: 22587

Ranch / Feedlot

Candidate Description:

This candidate has 15 years of experience in the cattle industry. He has experience with cow calf and backgrounding operations. His experience as a ranch hand and pen rider have provided him with the knowledge to see what types of cattle excel at certain parts of the feeding process. He knows the importance of quality, when it comes to preconditioning cattle. As a pen rider, he has seen firsthand how type 1 cattle do during the preconditioning process versus type 2 cattle. When cattle first come into a lot he can tell by their body condition, breed, frame, and disposition how well they will do in the backgrounding process. In addition to recognizing quality cattle, he has been successful at selling registered and commercial cattle. He has exceled at selling cattle because he knows that communication with the customer Is key. Currently, he communicates frequently with management about cattle medicine protocols and provides feedback on what is working or not working for the cattle. He is a hard worker and personable and has made numerous of contacts within the industry throughout the years. Moreover, he is business minded and is good at analyzing the profit and losses of a group of cattle. He is good with numbers and computers as well. After 13 years in this business he understands that hard work is a must. Working in the feedyard industry has provided him with the insight to know what type of cattle make it through this process and which type bring a better return for the buyer and customer. Furthermore, having this background will make him an asset because he knows what a difference quality cattle make during this process. He is willing to travel in order to establish and maintain contacts.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at or call 308-382-7351.

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