Job - Assistant Manager

Job Title: Assistant Manager

Job Order #: KH-8790

Location: Idaho

Salary Range: $50000 - $70000

Commission / Bonus:

Benefits: Cell Phone + Housing + Retirement + Utilities



- Dairy, Mill, and or Granary operational experience
- Must be computer literate – Excel, Easy Feed, Word
- Strong Organizational skills, Detail Oriented
- Ability to monitor delivery and quality of TMRs to cows at various facilities.
- Bilingual, Rudimentary knowledge of and or willingness to learn basic Dairy Spanish
- Must have an interest and possess the ability to investigate and incorporate new machinery and technology
- Ability to manage, teach, and evaluate people
- Should have ability to diagnose and repair both electric and mechanical issues
- Basic welding and fabrication skills

Job Description:

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is representing a large dairy operation located in Idaho who is searching for an Assistant Manager who will have the opportunity to grow into the dairy manager in the future.

Responsibilities Include:

Employee Management - Screen new maintenance, feeder and mix, grain facility candidates for hire. Help develop a system to bring new employees on and train them up to company standards. Perform new hire training on protocols and safety procedures. - Work with the Dairy Manager to set the schedule and the compensation for the maintenance, feed, mix, and grain facility crew, based on an approved budget. - Work with the Dairy Manager to schedule, coordinate and structure daily, biweekly, and monthly team meetings. - Assist in the training and monitoring of the feed and maintenance teams – This includes evaluations and re-enforce training team members on safety procedures for use of the equipment, quality control, and cleanliness of the facilities. - Assist in the Development and implementation of SOPs.
General Dairy Maintenance - Be able to troubleshoot, maintain and repair chiller systems, pumps, air compressors, vacuum pumps, hydraulic systems, water and air solenoids, freshwater and drainage systems; PVC, galvanized, stainless, and copper, conveyor systems, lighting systems, 480V, low voltage, and VFD motor controls, PLC systems, office and residential HVAC, corrals, fencing, gates, and shades.
Quality Control of Feed - Incoming forages. Work closely with and in communication during harvest with the Farm and Equipment Operations Managers on the quality of forages coming in from the fields. Manage forage storage locations and feed movement logistics. Create accurate maps of stored forage crops including, quantity, field, harvest date and quality information.
Mix Facility, Feed centers - Management of the feed inventory to ensure safety and the quality of the feed. Constant evaluation of the feed to make sure the quality has not changed. Weekly feed samples must be taken and submitted into the forage lab for analysis. Daily observation of the feed piles to make sure no molding or abnormal odors are present and/or any evidence of rodents. Managing so that all Environmental and OSHA regulations of feed storage and feed center are met. Maintain all records that are required by law and those proscribed by management. Keep overall appearance of feed storage and feed center clean and tidy.
Feed Inventory Duties - Assist in the inventory tracking of all feeds – grown, purchased, and sold and report back quarterly to Controller corresponding quantities and remaining inventory. Work with Dairy Manager and nutritionist for optional ingredients that may be more cost effective and/or work better in company's rations. Under the direction of the Dairy Manager, help schedule and track delivery of weekly, monthly, and annual orders of any feeds that need to be purchased.
Grain Facility Duties - Service and Maintain all Grain and Mill facility equipment. Rotate grain and or apply pest control as needed or as SOPs prescribe for optimal storage.
General Management Duties - Attend Weekly Management Meetings. Constant communication with the Dairy Manager and Nutritionist on the daily DM intake trends. Constant communication with the Dairy Manager and Heifer Ranch Operations Manager on maintenance and repairs of feeding equipment. Be part of the management team that will develop a farm safety training program for the entire dairy. Be part of the management team that will develop and implement new dairy policies. Relay and communicate with the rest of the managers when there are issues that would affect other parts of the company.

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please refer to the Job Order # above and email your resume to Kirk Hansen at or call 308-382-7370. You are encouraged to fill out our online application if you are not currently registered.

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