Job - Director of R&D

Job Title: Director of R&D

Job Order #: DC-8950

Location: Mexico or Texas

Salary Range: $ - $

Commission / Bonus: Structured Bonus Program

Benefits: Excellent Benefits Package Including Relocation Assistance

UPDATE: 08/01/2021



- PhD required; Major in Agriculture field of study, i.e., Agronomy, Plant Physiology, Crop Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology, or Biotechnology.
- Agriculture Research / Scientist background in the Plant Physiology field.
- Recent R&D experience creating/developing specialty plant nutrition products such as micronutrients or bio stimulants utilizing scientific formulation processes a MUST.
- Minimum 10 years R&D Leadership experience reporting directly to a member of the Executive Management Team.
- Recent experience working with plants at their molecular or microorganism level, i.e., omic technologies experience, metabolic processes, etc.
- Strong understanding of plant physiology technology with focus on ultimately helping Ag growers to solve real and important issues limiting crop yield and crop quality.
- Excellent communication skills including written, verbal and presentation.
- English as first language; Spanish or Portuguese language skills will also be beneficial.
- Ability to travel both domestically and internationally.
- Desire to reside / work in either Latin America or Southern U.S.
- Client will consider an individual coming right out of an Agricultural R&D leadership role within a University.
- Employment Longevity: Must Have been 5 years or more at current role or previous roles.


Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is seeking a Director of R&D for an established global Agricultural organization manufacturing specialty fertilizer products. Director to be located in a major urban area in a Central American country or in a Southern U.S. urban area.

Ideal candidate will possess a PhD and a minimum of 10 years' experience leading an R&D team researching, developing and improving a line of specialty fertilizer products.

1) Primary career core experience creating/developing/refining bio stimulants
2) Experience in Metabolomics
3) Long-term employment as a Director of R&D or Lead R&D Scientist

Primary responsibilities to include:
- Leading the R&D processes for new products, redesigns and improvements established in the annual plan and those that are required.
- Ensuring all R&D staff have proper tools, training and / or development necessary to perform their work efficiently and properly.
- Supervising work team including the defining of new product characteristics or redesign/improvement characteristics of current product, assignment of duties and the ultimate direction of work team activities.
- Verifying availability of necessary ingredients, equipment and instruments and coordinating necessary resources for optional functioning of the R&D Division.
- Remaining up-to-date on development of formula applications and progress reviews and keeping Senior Agronomist Researcher as well as Senior Management personnel advised.
- Coordinating the follow-up with Senior Agronomist Researcher on the prototypes of formulas to be delivered and providing this individual with necessary resources to carry out the bioassays process.
- Coordinating with Senior Technology Engineer the sending of formulations for field-testing.
- Defining the final formula based on field results.
- Registering the product with the Secretary of Health and other applicable federal and global government Agricultural organizations.
- Coordinating with Technology and Manufacturing Team regarding necessary training on new formulas for efficient production and scaling of product.
- Purchasing raw materials from national and global suppliers; importing them, if necessary; receiving and distributing materials to proper divisions; controlling inventory of raw materials.
- Preparing and maintaining accurate, up-to-date reports for sharing with the Product Development Division as well as Senior Management team.
- Keeping and coordinating scientific work on all products.
- Defining and ensuring all Product Development processes are operating in accordance with established procedures, as well as keeping processes updated.
- Authorizing expenses related to materials, equipment and external studies in the R&D Division as well as maintaining requisitions, petty cash, extraordinary logistics expenses.
- Authorizing courses for staff members.
- Authorizing personnel movements, personnel replacements as well as their change of activities / responsibilities and job descriptions.
- Working closely with Senior Management Team and the Chemical R&D Division Head to begin new product development processes.
- Approving formulations developed by R&D Chemicals Analyst as well as approving formulation changes if necessary.
- Authorizing transfer of new product formulations for industrial scale-up and for initiating registration of the product with proper authorities.


Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please refer to the Job Order # above and email your resume to Dianne Countryman at or call 308-381-4815. Please fill out our online application if you are not currently registered.

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