Job - Executive Director

Job Title: Executive Director

Job Order #: EH-8286

Location: Western Nebraska

Salary Range: $0 - $125000

Commission / Bonus:

Benefits: Full Fringe Benefits Package


- Experience working with social and economic interests that influence issues in rural western U.S.
- Experience using collaboration to transform conflict and division into respectful, inclusive decision making.
- Experience in strategically building an organization that creates a highly functioning and self-sustaining organization.
- Possess a Bachelor’s degree in public administration, non-profit management, natural resources, environmental policy and management, business administration, or a related field or be able to demonstrate five years of related experience in one or more of these fields.
- Have at least five years of progressively responsible experience in management and program development. Management, office administration, or business management experience is required.
- Skill in written and oral communication at all levels. Must be proficient in English (oral and written).
- Experience in effective communication, outreach and marketing through social media mechanisms.
- Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
- Have or be able to secure a valid driver’s license.


The Executive Director is a full-time position within this organization. This is a non-profit organization whose mission is resolving social or economic challenges facing communities in Nebraska through trust relationships and collaborative mechanisms. The position is governed by a board of directors and is currently primarily sustained through feedlot and ranch contributions. The position has operated with limited staff support and the Executive Director is expected to play a major role in taking the organization to the next level of development.

The Director is chief executive officer and has responsibility of providing leadership for fundraising, personnel, programmatic and financial planning, public outreach, and project management. The position acts on behalf of the Board and represents the committee to the public and partner organizations.

The Director must be a highly motivated individual with demonstrated ability to be successful as a leader of a productive and talented team. The Director is responsible for implementation of the Strategic plan through mechanisms such as the Annual Work Plan and Annual Budget.

The Executive Director will report to and be advised by the Executive Committee. The Director will maintain regular contact with the Executive Committee via one-on-one meetings and discussions concerning questions of authority, committee involvement and commitment, or intended actions. The Director reports to the full Board at monthly meetings, through weekly reports and at scheduled committee meetings. The Director will act on behalf of the Board with authorities delegated by the Board. The Executive Committee conducts the performance evaluation for this position.

Major Duties:
Implement the Committees strategic plan.
- Assist the committee to accomplish the mission of the organization
- Establish and maintain sources of revenue to uphold the committee as a fiscally sustainable organization via implementation of a strategic process to maintain and acquire new sources of revenue.
- Ensure the committee utilizes communication mechanisms, both traditional and social media, to effectively engage existing and new partners.
- Cooperate with the Board to create and utilize appropriate self-governance practices of a highly effective organization.
- Effectively utilize resources to deliver tangible benefits to engaged members.
- Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to acquire resources and advance the mission of the committee.

Lead workforce (employees/contractors) to accomplish Partnership mission, goals and objectives.
- Establish, review and update job descriptions and performance standards for each member of the workforce.
- Provide performance feedback frequently to workforce members on an informal basis and through formal annual evaluations, consistent with Annual Work Plan goals and objectives.
- Identify training needs and provide opportunities to workforce members for professional growth.
- Provide guidance and direction to committee through policy and set priorities for the workforce as necessary.
- Address and resolve staff conflicts, concerns and issues.
- Facilitate a positive, productive and safe working environment.

Management support of Committee fiscal operations.
- Work with responsible parties to prepare annual program and organizational budgets.
- Provide oversight to day-to-day administrative and operations functions.
- Meet regularity with treasurer to review program and overall budgets to ensure that expenditures are consistent with adopted budget and approved spending limits.
- Review monthly the Committees financial reports in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the Treasurer and Board.

Program planning and reporting
- Prepare, review and update the Committees Annual Work Plans.
- Solicit and receive input from the public and private sectors to formulate strategies that will address priority concerns.
- Serve as a liaison for the Committee with diverse interests in the public and private sectors pertaining to committee program direction.
- Oversee and/or provide support to staff as needed to implement committee programs and projects.
- Report progress of programs, projects and activities to Board on a regular basis.

Manage contracts and grants
- Has overall responsibility to work with funders to develop scopes of work, agreements, contracts, project budgets and reporting formats.
- Track project progress, financial status, due dates and deliverables.
- Oversee contracts to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget with all deliverables met.
- Serve as committee contracting officer, ensuring that all aspects of contracting are done in accordance with statutory requirements, policies and resolutions adopted by the Board.

Board support
- Provide support, information and recommendations to the Board.
- Coordinate orientation and training of new Board members.
- Manage the Committees Strategic and Annual work plans.
- Identify Board development opportunities.
- Develop Board meeting agendas in coordination with the Executive Committee.
- Review Board minutes and materials going out in Board packets.

Representation of the Committee
- Responsible for representation of the committee is to the public and partner organizations.
- Coordinate with staff and Board members to ensure that the relationships with partners and community organizations are maintained and that the committee is represented appropriately at relevant meetings.
- Maintain a continuous, sound program of public relations on behalf of the committee. Effectively interact with diverse members of the public and private sectors to advance the Committee mission.

Working Conditions:
- Working hours will be determined by the Committees initiatives and organizational needs. Working hours will be coordinated with the Executive Committee.
- The Committee may offer professional development opportunities related to advancement of the organizations mission.
- Field and office work are required in this position. Office work may include working at a desk, using a computer or standing at a table. Must be able to work with frequent interruptions.
- Fieldwork may include working in and around such locations as farms, ranches, feedlots and dairies; rivers, streams and ponds; properties with dense vegetation or woodlands; and other areas with steep, slippery, muddy, rocky or other hazardous terrain.
- Appropriate attire shall be worn for office and field environments, as necessary.
- Travel is required periodically to conferences, workshops, training sessions and daytime or evening meetings outside the office. Travel for training may be outside the normal workday and may be as long as one week.
- Safety protocols must be followed and all duties shall be performed in a prudent and sensible manner.
- Background and drug testing, will be required of successful candidate.

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please refer to the Job Order # above and email your resume to Eric Hansen at or call 308-382-7351. Please fill out our online application if you are not currently registered.

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