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Job - Farm General Manager

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Job Information

  • Job Title
    Farm General Manager
  • Job ID
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  • Location
  • Salary Range
    $ - $150,000
  • Commission / Bonus
    Annual Performance Bonus
  • Benefits
    Benefits Negotiable + Insurance / Insurance Allowance

- 5 years of row crop and forage production experience, haylage and silage preferred
- Good mechanical skills and aptitude
- Prefer pivot irrigation operation and maintenance experience
- Supervisory experience
- Position will require a hands-on working manager
- Solid production management experience required
- Help direct planting, chemical/fertilizer application, harvesting, record keeping, etc.
- Inspection of equipment to ensure proper function
- Inspect fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage
- Assist in the purchases of machinery, equipment, and supplies
- Enforce safety regulations and interpret policies
- Make decisions, solve problems, analyze information, and evaluate results
- Organizing, planning, and prioritizing work
- Monitoring and controlling resources and management of material resources
- Appraise crop rotation, herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer
- Ensure all documentation is securely entered into the appropriate management information and electronic file systems
- Partner with internal and external resources to ensure that all services and projects are timely delivered and completed effectively
- Prioritize and delegate projects and oversee ongoing progress
- Report all farm related expenses and work closely with the owner and office staff
- Strong communications, team building, integrity, work ethic, multi task, and ability to think outside the box


Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is searching for a Farm Operations Manager who will be hands-on during peak crop production operations and to help oversee day-to-day operations for this Colorado producer. Really prefer 5+ years row crop and forage production and who will help be responsible for personnel, equipment, and will also assist with the purchase of fertilizers, chemicals, and other inputs. Need to have very good communication skills has owner is absentee.

- Hire, train, and supervise workers engaged in farming activities such as: planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, and storing of crops (team of 3-4).
- Steward farming equipment: be knowledgeable of its function, its abilities, and constraints, continually inspect its condition, perform daily maintenance on its components, perform regular cleaning inside and outside of the equipment, prepare it for its intended use, communicate and coordinate on preventive fluid maintenance and other mechanical repairs needed, effectively and safely operate, thoughtfully and proactively clean and store, and otherwise protect and be productive with equipment.
- Perform select equipment maintenance and repairs as time and resources permit
- Analyze soil to determine types and quantities of fertilizer and other soil amendments required for maximum crop production (in conjunction with consultant).
- Oversee irrigation activities every day of the week when applicable, and have feedback systems in place to minimize downtime and reduce risk of property or crop damage due to improper function of the pivot systems.
- Harvest and store crops in a manner that helps meet cattle and dairy production goals.
- Oversee the application of dry manure and compost to fields.
- Oversee the storage, handling, and application of dairy effluent water through center pivots.
- Keep environmental records on farming activities, precipitation, pond levels, solid application, pumping, etc.
- Oversee triticale, alfalfa, and corn silage harvests.
- Oversee the grinding of corn, and mixing and ensiling of high moisture corn in Oct-Dec.
- Coordinate with Farm Team on specific farming activities.
- Perform Weekly Safety Meetings with workers.

- Oversee composting site for dairy bedding and farm soil amendment
- Oversee the composting of dairy and feedlot mortalities
- Take and analyze compost samples to manage the composting inputs and process
- Maintain, repair, and oversee operation of composting equipment

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To be considered for this position, please select the appropriate button listed below or call Eric Hansen at 308-382-7351.
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