Job - Operations Manager

Job Title: Operations Manager

Job Order #: KH-8698

Location: Idaho

Salary Range: $60000 - $90000

Commission / Bonus: Bonus

Benefits: Housing + Paid Vacation + Retirement + Vehicle



Minimum Qualifications (Education/Experience):
- A degree or certificate in Animal Science/ Dairy Science is desirable but not required.
- Dairy management or training in the dairy industry (2-5 years)
- Supervising experience (1 year)
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
- Understanding of artificial insemination
- Knowledgeable of disease and injury treatment and calf pulling
- Knowledgeable in dairy nutrition
- Ability to motivate employees
- Ability to work with all types of people
- Ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of individuals
- Knowledge of milking procedures
- Knowledge of and use for Dairy Herd Improvement Records
- Ability to speak Spanish is a plus

Job Description

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is representing a large dairy facility located in Idaho who is searching for an Operations Manager to oversee the day to day operations of the dairy. The dairy operations manager will be asked to supervise the herd, technicians, day-to-day operations of the dairy, and upkeep of the facilities. Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities for this position are as follows:

Management of the Dairy Herd (50% of time): Supervising employees in all phases of the dairy, including:

Quality control of Ration preparation and feeding:
- Set up audit and control procedures to verify that quality of feed is up to company standards and that the mix is within prescribed parameters.
- Verify that feed records are accurately being input in to DHI.
- Set up audit and control procedures to monitor bunk usage and efficiency and to limit pushout feed waste.
- Develop optimal feed mix for head heath, feed conversion efficiency, and milk production working with the General Manager and Nutritionist.
Raising of replacements:
- In conjunction with the General Manager and the Breeder, develop an annual breeding plan and budget that optimizes the Health, productivity, efficiency, and economics of the Herd as well as planning for future facility improvement and expansion
- Oversee development of standard operating procedures and protocols for the company's calf program. Including but not limited to the feeding, doctoring, vaccinating and movement of the calves.
- Oversee a system of training, and auditing, for all employees in the calf program.
- Oversee development of standard operating procedures and protocols for the company's milking program.
- Help develop milker schedules and time off to maximize milker efficiency and longevity
- Oversee a system of training, and auditing, for all employees in the Milk Parlors.
Upkeep of facilities, grounds, and equipment, focusing on employee and Animal Safety and aesthetics:
- Develop standard operating procedures and protocols for the daily and weekly monitoring, maintenance and repair of the milking parlor equipment, calf facility equipment and all other dairy and heifer, dry cow facilities
-Oversee a system of training, and auditing, for all employees assigned to the maintenance and repair staff.
Herd management
- In conjunction with the General Manager, develop standard operating procedures and protocols for herd logistics and cleanliness, herd replacement rates, and standards for retiring cows from the herd.
- Organize weekly tasks such as coordination with the feed manager on feed logistics and available inventory, vaccinations, dry offs, corral strawing and sanding, and cow logistics, and dairy maintenance and repairs
Herd Health and Reproduction (30% of time):
- Treat and care for sick animals, develop standard operating procedures for treatment of animals
- Work with General Manger to create an annual medical budget and purchase plan.
- Help with difficult births
- Heat detection
- Breeding
- Fill in for sick and vacationing employees, Schedule night management responsibilities.
General Office Work and Procurement (20% of time):
- Oversee record keeping (herd health, production, reproduction inventories)
- Monthly inventories
- Payroll - oversee compensation, meet with General manager to develop annual and monthly labor budget
- Order supplies, repair parts, and feed
- Discuss needs and problems with sales and service representatives
- Personnel evaluations
- Personnel recruitment and training in consultation with General Manager
- Responsible for OSHA, safety, and ensure animal treatment concerns are taken care of
- PR to be the Face of the Facilities

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please refer to the Job Order # above and email your resume to Kirk Hansen at or call 308-382-7370. You are encouraged to fill out our online application if you are not currently registered.

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