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Job - Swine Gestation Supervisor/Lead

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Job Information

  • Job Title
    Swine Gestation Supervisor/Lead
  • Job ID
  • Job Type
  • Location
    South Dakota
  • Salary Range
    $ - $55,000
  • Commission / Bonus
    Production Bonus $6,000-8,000 annually (paid quarterly).
  • Benefits
    100% Paid Employee Health Insurance + 401K + Paid Holidays + Paid Vacation

- High school diploma or GED required with Associate degree from agricultural or technical school desired
- Prior experience in swine unit breeding department required
- Knowledge of sow physiology, life cycle and factors affecting health and reproduction and heat checking
- Knowledge of and ability to work with automated feeding systems
- Environmental requirements of females and boars
- Ability to organize and maintain herd health and mating records
- Ability to communicate well with other breeding department personnel
- Ability to effectively lead and foster a team effort environment
- Respect and care for all animals and personnel
- Work with site manager to standardize production routines to work safely and productively
- Ability to stand, walk and be on feet 8-10 hours per day
- Able to frequently bend, reach, squat and kneel
- Able to frequently lift objects, occasional lifting objects weighing over 50 pounds


Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is searching for a Swine Gestation Supervisor/Lead person for this central South Dakota Swine Producer. Newer state of the art facilities designed with a focus on minimizing animal and staff movements.

Personnel Responsibilities:
- Collaborate with site manager and farrowing department supervisor regarding scheduling and daily personnel activities and workload
- Supervise all production tasks in breeding department
- Train breeding department personnel how to successfully perform all tasks involved in breeding department
- Lead department in meeting production targets

Production Responsibilities:
- Coordinate matings with farrowing department supervisor
- Ensure fresh feed is available for all animals
- Ensure adequate water flow is available
- Ensure adequate females are bred to reach targets
- Oversee thorough heat detection of females
- Ensure adequate boar exposure to stimulate females
- Supervise breeding practices – A.I. and natural
- Maintain correct environment for sows and boars
- Coordinate culling unproductive females in conjunction with site manager
- Ensure proper and timely sow treatments and vaccinations

Facility Responsibilities:
- Maintain proper bio-security in breeding department
- Ensure safe and neat work environment for all personnel

Administrative Responsibilities:
- Coordinate data entry and record keeping
- Ensure sow cards are timely and accurately completed
- Submit production reports on expected schedule

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please select the appropriate button listed below or call Eric Hansen at 308-382-7351.
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