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Reference Number: 251892

Assistant Herdsman / Youngstock

Candidate Description:

Education: BS in Animal and Veterinary Science and Certification in Artificial Insemination. In December 2014, Olivia graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Science. Throughout Olivia's time there, she was involved with dairy in one way or another. She worked at the research farm that milked an average of 150 cows and managed another 150 head of dry cows and heifers as both a milker and calf-feeder. Olivia's responsibilities included but were not limited to monitoring close-up cows in the maternity barn, assisting with delivery in cases of dystocia, processing new calves by assigning herd number, hoof and navel dip, vaccines, and later ear tagging and dehorning, feeding calves colostrum and/or milk replacer x2 per day, feeding grain and water to calves, weaning calves, moving calves into hutches or from hutches to group pens, moving fresh cows to the milking barns, milking cows including fresh, mastitic, and preparing cows for dry-off. Additionally, Olivia operated the alley flush system, and scraped pens and freestalls clean, cleaned automatic water troughs, operated the parlor sanitation system, heat checked and moved cows in heat into the breeding pen for insemination, monitored fresh cows for signs of ketosis or milk fever and monitored the herd for ailments ranging from DA or to lameness, as well as administering treatments (scours, mastitis, ringworm, etc) , vaccinations, or wormings to individual cows/heifers or groups. Olivia was also the Treasurer and Show Chair for the Dairy Science Club, which gave her the opportunity to be in charge of budgeting, spending, and fundraising for a club of 50+ members. Even more importantly, as the show chair, she was in charge of selecting, training, and managing/fitting a group of 15-20 heifers at a time, as well as supervising the show team comprised of an average of 20 people at a time. This included but not limited to setting schedules, supervising and assisting with training, and managing progress and setting goals. Lastly, In October of 2014, Kaitlynn received certification in A.I. by Select Sires, Inc. Olivia's ideal position would allow her to utilize her current experience but also allow her to learn even more. She would be happiest in a position with variety; For example - milk cows in the morning, feed calves, and vaccinating groups by mid-afternoon and setting schedules in the evening. She is not afraid to be behind a desk, nor come out from it to lend a hand whenever necessary because being part of a team environment is really crucial. A bonus would be a position that had potential to interact with the public.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to the Reference Number and contact Kirk Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7370.