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Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT was founded in 1959 in Central Nebraska, in the heart of America’s agriculture. We work both nationally and internationally. It has been and is our goal to provide both the employer and the candidate with a long-term working relationship.

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has specialized in placing well-qualified candidates with quality employers in agricultural related positions for the past 59 years. These positions range from general employment to upper level management positions in both agri-business and production agriculture.

One thing that sets us apart from other placement firms is the depth of background work we do before we even represent a candidate. First, we attempt to check our applicants’ work histories by using work references sent to former employers and personal references sent to professional agricultural related people.

These references are then made available to you along with detailed paperwork, outlining the candidate’s background, position desired, positions best qualified for, salary/benefits preference, relocation preference, etc.

Once you have placed a job order with us, we will begin the process of searching for qualified candidates who match the background you have requested.

Please feel free to browse our listing of our current candidates. If you would like to inquire about one or more of the candidates, please refer to their reference number.

Reference Number Title
NA-1812343846 Ag Chem Sales / Account Manager - IL
NA-1950479614 Ag Chem Sales Representative - Midwest U.S.
NA-1772574651 Ag Operations Manager / Ag Equipment Sales / Financial Manager
58276 Ag Sales Professional
NA-1184362860 Agricultural Sales Manager - Equipment
NA-2127383005 Agronomy / Farm Manager
NA-1780521475 Agronomy or Ag Equipment Trainee - Western Kansas
NA-1142147961 Agronomy Sales / Agronomy Sales Manager
NA-1118641708 Agronomy Sales Representative - MN
NA-1886697306 Agronomy Sales Trainee
NA-4547441052 Agronomy/Precision Ag Specialist - Midwestern U.S.
NA-1556395292 Assist Manager / Dairy Manager / Herd Manager
251892 Assistant Herdsman / Youngstock
NA-6729455287 Asst. Herdsman / Feeder
NA-7912925974 Cattle Manager
53373 CCA Sales Agronomist - PNW
NA-9557172317 CFO / Controller / Accountant
25103 Controller / Accounting Manager
25830 Controller / CFO
NA-1883042257 Controller / Finance Professional
25822 CPA / Financial Manager
258556 Custom Applicator - Lubbock, TX Area
NA-7913250839 Custom Applicator / Agronomy Operations Manager - Kansas
23266 Dairy Manager
NA-1213266980 Dairy Manager
NA-1938218571 District Sales Manager / Territory Sales - Midwestern U.S.
NA-1163517657 Energy Manager / Ag-Related Sales
NA-1893831773 Entry-Level Agronomist
NA-1463704608 Executive Manager - R&D
NA-1308441317 Executive Sales & Marketing Manager
NA-2678340235 Farm
NA-7637797187 Farm
NA-1405629052 Farm
NA-1148840370 Farm
NA-1538784286 Farm
NA-1521199983 Farm
NA-1384076803 Farm
NA-1605972839 Farm
NA-5752790671 Farm
NA-7594501328 Farm / Ag Mechanic
NA-1288041138 Farm / Agronomy / Precision Ag
NA-1682792432 Farm / Agronomy / Seed
NA-1627415965 Farm / Applicator
NA-1426903998 Farm / Applicator
NA-2115267581 Farm / Farm Manager
NA-6284062552 Farm / Ranch
8793 Farm / Ranch
NA-1059786061 Farm / Ranch
NA-1893506145 Farm Equipment Specialist / Field Service Manager - Pacific Northwest
NA-2070683417 Farm Foreman / Hay Production
NA-1130627397 Farm Hand / Equipment Operator, Foreman
243976 Farm Management
NA-1001486724 Farm Manager
NA-1656785764 Farm Manager
254599 Farm Manager
NA-8615242228 Farm Manager
NA-1728909404 Farm Manager
NA-1474234143 Farm Manager
NA-8658044461 Feedlot Manager
NA-1897548680 Finance Executive
NA-1390087397 Finance Professional
NA-3261992128 Financial Services / Sales
NA-1406507098 Financial Specialist - Farm or Ag Equipment
NA-1762356624 Global Crop Protection Manager
NA-1539266285 Grain Merchandiser
NA-7994241452 Grain Merchandizer
NA-4174612958 Grain Originator
253542 Herd Manager / Dairy Manager
242033 Herdsman
NA-6130655850 Herdsman
245256 Herdsman
246446 Herdsman
NA-2350335065 Herdsman
NA-1384845598 Herdsman / Assistant Herdsman
NA-1540364674 Herdsman / Youngstock Manager
255261 Herdsman / Youngstock Manager
NA-7275467900 Lead Farm Position / Supervisor / Farm Equipment Operator
NA-2063212536 Lead Farm Position / Supervisor / Farm Equipment Operator
NA-1840936685 Location Manager / Grain Merchandiser / Assistant General Manager
256222 Management Professional
NA-6395964052 Management Professional
NA-6148471299 Molecular Geneticist
NA-2698013814 National Sales Manager - Seed
NA-1857751404 Nutrition Sales Professional
NA-6920562779 Nutrition Sales Professional
NA-4878652264 Organic Vegetable Grower / Horticulturalist
15244 Parts Manager / Parts Sales
NA-1042984553 PCA/CCA Agronomist / Horticulturist
NA-1592656744 PhD Plant Breeder
NA-9178201831 Plant Geneticist / Seed Research Scientist
NA-1307138233 Precision Ag Specialist
NA-1511510845 Precision Ag Specialist
NA-2995316557 Precision Ag Specialist/Customer Support
NA-6594119664 President - General Manager - Director - US & International
NA-1167439696 Ranch
NA-1692016193 Ranch
NA-2124417429 Ranch
NA-2113963759 Ranch
NA-3884520282 Ranch
NA-1820500545 Ranch
NA-1475747883 Ranch
15467 Ranch
NA-1078159887 Ranch
NA-5429509376 Ranch
NA-2049775170 Ranch
NA-1297982549 Ranch / Estate Manager
NA-1727236817 Ranch / Farm / Dairy
NA-2333267321 Ranch / Farm Manager
NA-1501691302 Ranch / Farm Production
22587 Ranch / Feedlot
NA-2081655971 Ranch / Feedlot Production
NA-1570138765 Ranch / Hospitality
NA-1715008823 Ranch Foreman / Manager
NA-1344265030 Ranch Manager
241072 Ranch Manager
NA-1582804005 Ranch Manager
NA-1439705263 Regional Agronomist - TX / OK
NA-1265630658 Research Scientist / Plant Breeder / Geneticist
NA-1980654974 Sales Agronomist / Agronomy Manager / Precision Ag
NA-1387444644 Sales Agronomist / Agronomy Sales Manager
NA-2977115761 Sales Agronomist / Crop Consultant - Western Omaha
NA-1925952921 Sales Representative/Manager - Ag, Farm or Construction Equipment
NA-2734256328 Seed Sales / Agronomy Sales - Northeastern South Dakota
248038 Senior Grain Merchandiser / Trader / Buyer
NA-1449869375 Senior Marketing Executive
NA-6395529193 Senior Technical Agronomist
NA-2370525514 Senior Technical Sales / Technical Seed Sales Manager / CCA - IL
NA-1530880066 Senior-Level Merchandising Manager
NA-4091119143 Store Manager / Sales Manager - Farm Equipment
254229 Technical Agronomist
255475 Technical Agronomist / Horticulturist
NA-1712264042 Technical Agronomist / Regional Agronomist - MN
NA-1595994701 Technical Agronomy Advisor / Researcher
NA-1597084556 Technical Sales Agronomist - Midwestern U.S.
NA-1301941611 Territory Sales & Marketing Manager
NA-7102607248 Territory Sales Manager - Montana
NA-6140393441 Territory Sales Manager / Marketing - Midwestern U.S.
NA-9802780299 Territory Sales Manager / Territory Sales - Central Missouri
NA-2099873712 Territory Sales Representative - T&O
NA-7500187691 Vegetable Seed Sales - International (Oceania)

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