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Reference Number: NA-3108103751

Farm General Manager / CEO

Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate as President for a $200m processing business had full P&L responsibility, 5 direct reports crossing grain procurement, operations, sales, logistics, and technical services (lab, research and development). The business processed approx. 360kmt of grain annually across two sites in Idaho and Washington consisting of approx. 160 employees. He was responsible for developing and executing the strategic objectives across the business unit in areas including grain procurement, operations, sales, and capital improvements. He negotiated key customer contracts and managed the grain position while providing oversight to procurement, operations and logistics in serving customers. He developed and executed business cases around the expansion of the processing facilities, major capital initiatives, and led the development of new products and markets. He represented the business at industry trade shows, conferences and was a Board Member for a large association. In terms of strengths, he has a strong financial background, an ability to connect with people at all levels in the organization, he is customer centric, and excels at aligning and supporting people in serving the customer and achieving our objectives.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.