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Reference Number: NA-2012830138


Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate is the Farm Manager at a large dairy in southern Idaho. He manages the 6300-acre farm for 2 dairies primarily raising silage corn, grain corn, alfalfa and triticale along with a few other forage crops. He is responsible for all aspects of the farm and certain parts of the dairy including ground work, fertility planning along with manure applications to the fields, planting, cultivation, spray scheduling and making the mixes for all chemicals for the different crops. He does all the irrigation scheduling, harvest scheduling, purchasing of crop inputs and equipment for the farm and equipment purchasing for the dairies. He does all budgeting and record keeping for all aspects of the farming operation. He oversees 25 full time employees, including 3 full time mechanics on the dairies, full time equipment operators, 20 irrigators that double as operators when needed and a parts runner. The farm does their own harvesting and all their own tractor work along with all maintenance. During the year he performs a lot of maintenance in the field to keep things rolling and oversees the maintenance of the farm equipment during the off season. At his previous position he managed a 1200-acre specialty potato farm, part organic and part conventional, with 300-acres alfalfa and 100-head of cattle. He scouted fields for diseases and quality of all the crops and set the schedule for the irrigation, planned out the ground work, and plant/harvest schedules. He had 3 full time employees that I oversaw along with temporary people that come when needed. He did a lot of the agronomy work on the crops and worked closely with the company agronomists on solving issues. He worked with 2 custom growers for the company and helped them with water scheduling and different agronomy practices. He planned, managed and performed a lot of the maintenance on the equipment that was stationed full time at the farm. He has his Private Applicator and Chemigation licenses. He has had a Certified Crop Adviser license and has a broad base in agronomy with various crops and center pivot irrigation knowledge. He has good computer skills and GPS knowledge.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.