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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
Have any questions? Feel free to contact us


Reference Number: NA-1493997196

Feed Mill Manager

Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate has been in the feed mill industries for approximately seven years. He is currently the Feed Mill Manager for an integrated feed mill. Here, he oversees two feed mills that are manufacturing 16,000 tons per week with 6 pellet lines. He has experience with CPM 9950 pellet mill, experienced four FDA inspections with zero findings, implemented a Benchmate maintenance system, and aided in the feed mill operation moving from 3,000 tons per 6.5 days to 4200 tons in 6 days through pellet efficiency and equipment upgrades.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Chris Schroeder at [email protected] or call 308-384-4886.