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Reference Number: NA-1320309544


Candidate Description:

This Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT candidate has life long experience working with cattle. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Kansas State University and considers himself a lifelong learner. His strengths are in rangeland and cattle management, prairie restoration, livestock trading and marketing, and animal health and husbandry, which are based on decades of experience. He is currently self-employed leasing 10,000 acres of rangeland and nearly 1,800 head of cattle. Until recently, when the ranch changed hands, he was the Ranch Manager for 10 years at 6,000 acre / 500 head cow/calf operation for 10 years. He was solely responsible for overseeing all operations on the ranch and left on good terms with the previous owner. He and his wife have two school aged children and they embrace the rural lifestyle and seeking long-term employment at a place that they can help build as their children grow.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.