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Dairy Manager

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John is seeking a Dairy Management position on a dairy farm where he and his wife can call home for a long time. John was a Herd Manager for a 500 head dairy, a Dairy Manager for 1500 head dairy, Reproductive Manager for 2600 head dairy, and a Herd Manager for 2800 head dairy. Also, John was the overall Dairy Manager for 2200 head operation. Herd size does not make a difference to John. For him it is about being on a dairy where he is happy with what he is doing and with the people he is working for and with that is important to him. John has supervised 5 to 35 employees and his management style is that he treats people with respect and dignity. With that being said there are rules, guidelines and SOP’S that must be followed. If John has to discipline an employee the first time would be verbal warning, the next time would be a written warning and kept in the employee's file. John's Father taught him to never to ask an employee to do something he himself would not do if you know how. An employee's respect is earned faster by helping, showing, and telling them why you are doing tasks in a certain way, instead of just ordering them to do something. John believes in the TEAM approach. ( T ) Together ( E ) Everyone ( A ) Achieves ( M ) Much At most of the dairies he worked for, John was in charge of all the day to day operations including hiring, firing, scheduling, yearly reviews and training. Also, John was responsible for ordering all supplies, buying and booking feed, and working with the vet, nutritionist and other venders.
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If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to the Reference Number listed above and contact Kirk Hansen at or call 308-382-7370.

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