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Reference Number: NA-9939741271

Feeder / Feed Manager

Candidate Description:

Susan attended a technical college for a two year degree, learning hands on dairy health and feeding, and took dairy production management courses while completing a bachelors. She has worked on a 100 head Jersey farm milking 2x in a double 8 herringbone. Susan's main responsibilities included TMR mixing/feeding as well as feeding wet calves, weaning heifers, checking for heats, scraping concrete lots, fresh cow/calf processing, and occasionally milking. Currently, Susan is the Feed Supervisor on a 425 head Holstein farm (2x, fresh 4x), she is a feed supervisor, and manages details related to feeding. This includes operating/performing basic maintenance of equipment, training and managing a team of 7-8 part time feeders, feeding 2-3 times a week for quality control, managing inventory, ordering premixes and grain, walking the farm with a nutritionist, and identifying issues with TMR consistency (shaker boxes, dry matter checks, DMI intakes, manure scores). Additional responsibilities include bedding/grooming beds, managing weaned 5 month old heifers (feeding, cleaning bed packs, vaccinating, weighing, tagging, pen moves, and health checks), troubleshooting and fixing feed wagon issues (wiring, scale indicators, conveyor belts, hydraulic hoses, etc.), miscellaneous projects and problem solving farm/facility issues, along with basic maintenance on skid loaders, JCB Telehandler, and Kubota tractors. Susan is primarily interested in feeding / feed management, and working with equipment, but her goal is to grow in other areas as well. Susan is interested in being active in forage/silage planting and harvest if the opportunity presents, but would also consider expanding her knowledge in cow/heifer management.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to the Reference Number listed above and contact Kirk Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7370.