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Reference Number: NA-1501691302

Ranch / Farm Production

Candidate Description:

This candidate was raised on a dry land wheat farm and cattle ranch, and participated in the operations of both the farming and ranching for some 30+ years at one level or another. The farming included as many and 1500 acres of rotation from wheat to Sudan grass hay and the ranching included a cow/calf operation of 80-100 cows on another 1500 acres of grassland. Most of the operations are still done with older equipment, which has provided him many years of experience with the operations of tractors, haying equipment, harvesting, grain handling, and planting equipment. He also has experience with general maintenance such as building maintenance, welding, equipment servicing, all types of fence building and upkeep, weed control/spraying, herd health and care, as well as many other farm/ranch related activities. He has experience in other government and business related roles throughout his career as a law enforcement officer and in other agriculture related businesses, which provided him with a very solid understanding of business and regulatory requirements as well as establishing a very high level of integrity and commitment to the ranching business and lifestyle. He has several years of experience in the livestock auction business where he developed many skills such has horseback skills, livestock handling, doctoring, working, and sorting cattle, as well as regular operations of equipment such as tractors and skid steers. He has several years of experience on the production side of the seed corn business, which provided him with unique insight into crop production. He also has spent some time with a hog production company that gave him experience in effluent fertilizer application through center pivot irrigation, as well as herbicide application, CDL operation, and overall maintenance. He prides himself in working to learn and understand any position that he has occupied as well as working to understand overall aspects of an operation in an effort to make myself more valuable to my employer. He is married with children and has a deeply rooted Christian background, as well as great respect and desire to get back to his roots on the farm/ranch to instill those core values to his family. His love and passion is in livestock care and handling, but also have a strong respect for the farming side of operations. His wife was also farm raised and they are looking for a position that is very family friendly, as they want their children to learn the strong values that the farm and ranch life can provide.
Contact Info:

If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at [email protected] or call 308-382-7351.