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Candidate Description:

This candidate grew up on a small farm in northeast Kansas where they farmed about 150 acres of row crop and ran about 150 head of cattle. He learned at a young age how important livestock health and nutrition was along with proper care and maintenance of grass and fences. He can do about anything when it comes to cattle from calving to cattle. He went to AI school in high school and started after he finished the course, the first few years they A.I.ed about 35 to 40 head and he held about a 80% take on them. They still breed about that many cows ever year, just run a lot more cows and now mainly do embryo transfer on about 50 head, he can set up the shot schedule along with give the correct shots and watching for heat detection. They raise registered Angus cattle with an emphasis on raising seed stock, what they do not keep for seed stock goes to their feedlot were they feed them to finish. He makes feed rations, keeps track of growth and watches to desired finish time. They castrate and work all of their own calves and cows, he can cut and band calves along with tag as they are born so they can keep proper records on the cows to see which ones are performing well and which need to be culled. As far as the farming side, he can plant, spray, check fields and harvest. He had worked for two large farmers since he was out of school. While working with both farms he did all their spraying and most of the seeding. He learned to run GPS and has run Outback, Trimble and Green Star systems. He has run planters, drills, air seeders, sprayers and combines of about every brand. He is can either use GPS or do it old school, watching markers and counting rows the way he learned to drive rows when spraying. He has always been taught that a farm is only as good as the man that runs it, and when you have a large farm the man that runs it is only as good as the men he gives directions to help him do so. The new equipment is nice but he believes if you don’t maintain it and take care of it, it will let you down and cost you as much as the wore out machine you just got rid of, so he understands the importance of changing oil and watching fluid levels in machines along with making sure they are greased and checked every day when they are being used and gone threw before the next season.
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If you would like to consider this candidate for your position, please refer to their Reference Number and contact Eric Hansen at or call 308-382-7351.

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