Job - Farm Manager

Job Title: Farm Manager

Job Order #: EH-7646

Location: Southeast, NH

Salary Range: $0 - $55000

Commission / Bonus: Bonus

Benefits: health, dental , vision insurance + Live in Accommodations + Vacation, 401K


Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is searching for a Farm Manager for a southeastern New Hampshire farm estate. This active family, with young children needs Farm Manager to run their private farm and equestrian facility, parcel of a 60-acre estate where the family mainly resides. The Farm Manager is responsible for animal care (horses, cattle, alpacas, meat birds, bees, etc.) as well as varied maintenance and landscaping duties at both the main property as well as a separate farm in the area. This is a private residence and home for the animals; sensitivity and discretion are required. A separate apartment is provided on the property.

This full-time, New Hampshire based household staff position will interface directly with the Principals and their Estate Manager, to coordinate logistics or topics that involve the property. The role reports to the Estate Manager. This is a very hands-on, hands-dirty, service oriented position.

The household staff is a very close, very integrated team. If efficient and possible, it is expected that when one member of the team is “out of the office,” ill, staffing Principals, etc. the other team members will work diligently to complete their tasks, along with the high priority and necessary daily tasks of the unavailable member.

Responsibilities include:

● Real-time implementation of Principals’ requests for all the family’s personal needs and comforts; understanding and caring about every move the Principals make to ensure every system is setup properly and in advance

● Ensuring the barns, animal grounds and pasture are properly and meticulously kept; surveying grounds daily to assess overall appearance and identify specific needs; ensuring animal grounds are clean and free of debris and ready for Family and their guests at all times
● Producing maintenance schedules/task lists for the care of animals and grounds ensuring schedules are adhered to; collaborating with Estate Manager
● Animal care includes but is not limited to:
- feeding and providing water to all animals twice daily based on temperature, season, weather and pasture health; rotate cows and horses in pasture according to pasture presence
- monitoring upkeep and security of all animal enclosures and assisting/executing/overseeing the grooming of all animals as needed (e.g., brushing, teeth cleaning and trimming, hoof cleaning/trimming, hair/fur
cutting, bathing, nail clipping, beak trimming, nostril cleaning, etc.)
- maintaining detailed and accurate animal health records including vet visits, medications, vaccinations, working schedules, special diets, weights and general information; managing monthly vet appointments; in coordination with Executive Personal Assistant
- Implementing the special needs of horses, cows, alpacas, meat birds, and bees, including
but not limited to:
- coordinating Alpaca shearing date with Principals; sending fabric out for processing
- collecting bird eggs daily and wash as needed; move ducks to pond according to climate and breed; coordinating with Principal to schedule slaughter dates according to size and order date; packaging and cataloging inventory of new poultry
building and operating beehives; making food and feeding routinely; monitoring production and adding extra layers as needed; harvesting honey
according to production and future weather expectations
training horses based on Horse Trainer schedule
coordinating the life cycle of the cattle; coordinating with Principal to schedule slaughter dates according to size and order date; packaging and
cataloging inventory of new poultry
● Overseeing landscaping to ensure that animal pastures are maintained correctly for the health and safety of the animals; testing soils, laying sod, fertilizing pastures, managing manure from pastures (cycling and clearing compost/manure pile with tractor), installing drainage, working the earth, trimming hedges and trees, edging, weeding, weed-eating

● Assisting Grounds Caretaker and Greenhouse Manager by installing and maintaining hedges, trees, flower beds, gardens, etc.
● Assessing property regularly for infestation of invasive or toxic species and mowing of lawn and pastures
● Maintaining pastures, paths, walkways and common grass areas (mowing, snow removal, etc.); maintaining irrigation and drainage systems as well as ensuring that the barn, fences/electric fences, enclosures and paddocks are safe and secure
Conducting or overseeing general maintenance tasks, repairs, improvement, renovation and construction projects for the property, ensuring all areas and equipment kept clean and in working order; capturing all service appointments in property calendar
● Sourcing, vetting, hiring and overseeing work of other vendors when required (e.g., farrier visits, etc.); checking credentials, insurance, references and getting quotes as well as coordinating access/entry and overseeing the quality of work
● Serving as the point-person in emergencies (e.g. weather-related issues, blackouts, security alarms); immediately inspect property and secure greenhouse/barns/buildings/property; inform Principals, the security company, and/or authorities
● Performing regular repairs and seasonal maintenance (including inspections/registrations, running resting machines routinely) on all land vehicles; ensuring all are clean and operations are running smoothly; ensuring that all related records are captured with aid of Executive Personal Assistant
● Ensuring that all farm equipment are well-prepared and organized for Principals and their guests at all times (e.g., Gator should be washed and ready for Principal and guests), considering all five senses; organizing storage areas and maintaining inventory; in coordination with the Principals, Executive Personal Assistant and/or Estate Manager
● Assisting the Greenhouse Manager and Grounds Caretaker with specialty cleaning or household projects when needed
● Representing Principals in gracious manner when interacting with vendors, answering the phones and doors, taking messages and receiving deliveries
● Documenting all systems for ease of understanding for family, guests, staff members and vendors; maintaining diligent procedural manuals for all Caretaker systems

Exempt Employee
● Recording a detail log of all activity on property to report to Principal and Estate Manager

● Liaising with Family Office bookkeeper to ensure all vendor invoices are paid on time and that all supporting documents for charges are submitted timely; practicing cost containment
Keeping an up to date, detailed and transparent punch list of all action items (open and closed) that can be accessed at all times by the team and/or Principal
Capturing all guests/vendors and all farm related activities (e.g., Alpaca shearing, etc.) in household calendar
● Performing other household related tasks as needed, including running errands, procuring supplies, and assisting with entertaining set-up, service, and cleanup
● Sending a weekly update to Principal and Estate Manager every Friday, providing an update on the previous week and also to articulate plans for the next week ahead
● Other duties as assigned

This position requires 24/7/365 days availability; schedule is >8 hours/day, Monday - Friday; flexibility is required to work occasional evenings and weekends when family has events, meetings are scheduled with Principal(s), animal care is needed, and so on…
● Experience with generalized farm operations is necessary, including but not limited to:
- tractor, backhoe and mower work
-basic in ground irrigation systems
-chainsaw and tree cutting
-fencing and gate repair
-basic mechanical maintenance of farming equipment
-ATV and UTV maintenance
-basic knowledge of electrical and plumbing
-basic handyman skills
-livestock/pest management

Physical Requirements
-Above to lift, pull and carry a minimum weight of 25lbs

-Able to adapt to different physical requirements (e.g., standing,squatting, crouching, bending, longer periods of driving, sitting or standing)
-Able to spend long periods of time outside in various weather conditions
-Able to tolerate exposure to dust and chemicals
● Must be detail-focused and able to perform a wide range of repairs and maintenance on the farm; basic knowledge of electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry
● Ability to prioritize activities and adapt to changing schedules
● Proven problem-solving skills, creativity and the ability to involve others successfully in finding workable solutions
● Clear communication (i.e., proficient in English, both orally and written)
● Solid work history with great references is essential
● Computer proficiency
● Animal
● Child friendly
● Natural heart for service: good instincts with concierge and hospitality sensibilities
● Self-starter and self-motivated; needs to be able to think way ahead to predict Family’s needs
● Boundaries are essential; execute extreme level of confidentiality

Exempt Employee
● Minimum 5+ years related domestic experience working in a private home

● Excellent references and ability to pass a thorough background check
● Valid drivers’ license
● Passionate about how everything looks at all times; excellent service, host(ess), and managerial skills are a necessity, as is having a good degree of creative flair
● Must present oneself in a professional manner or style, polished and poised at all times

Contact Info:
To be considered for this position, please refer to the Job Order # above and email your resume to Eric Hansen at or call 308-382-7351. Please fill out our online application if you are not currently registered.

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