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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
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Advantages of Using a Recruitment Firm.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new job or looking for the perfect candidate to fill an open position, finding the right fit can be tough. That’s why candidates and businesses alike turn to Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT. The advantages of using Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT are endless. Here’s our top three reasons for using Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT for job seekers and companies with openings.

For candidates:

  1. Expert Advice – Searching for a new job is a taxing experience. When you work with a recruiter from Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT, you have someone who is very familiar with the hiring process and can give expert advice on a number of things. From your resume and cover letter to interview tips, our recruiters are there to guide you through the entire transition.
  2. More Opportunities – Employers don’t always list their open positions and instead partner directly with us to find the best candidates. If you decide to partner with Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT, you will have access to more job postings than you would find if you were looking on your own.
  3. Shared Interest in Your Success – When you work with one of our recruiters, you can believe they have your best interests in mind because we both share the same goal – to place you in a position that is the right fit for you. We are just as invested in your success as you are, so we will not waste your time and are truly a partner in your job search.

For businesses:

  1. Professional Placement – As a hiring manager, sorting through a stack of resumes can seem daunting. That’s where our recruiters can help. After getting to know the business and open positions, Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT can match you with qualified candidates that share similar values and business ethics. This ensures the candidates will be a good fit for the company culture. It also cuts down on the number of unqualified candidates you need to sort through. Our recruiters focus on quality, not quantity when filling a position.
  2. Faster Hiring – Using Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT can shorten the time it takes to fill open positions within your company. We have a database of qualified candidates who are looking for their next career opportunity. This network gives Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT recruiters a headstart when looking for the perfect candidate for your business and allows our recruiters to only recommend the people who closely match your criteria.
  3. Market Knowledge – All job industries are different. Their positions require different skills and experience. Having a thorough understanding of the industry and employment market is a crucial starting point for us. When it comes to the agriculture industry, no one knows the industry better than Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT. Our recruiters can provide you with valuable insight and offer sage advice for any ag-related job.
About Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT: Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has been helping make a connection between employer and employee since 1959. That’s 60+ years of experience. In those six decades, we have grown a business community with more than 400 of the leading agencies and 1600 recruiters nationally and internationally. Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is also a member of the NPAWorldwide Recruitment Network. Hansen has a long, proven history of bringing qualified applicants and employers together at a time of mutual need to negotiate a mutually satisfactory employer-employee relationship. We strive to develop strong and long-term relationships with both candidates and employers. Many of our best customers were at one time candidates placed by Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT. We pride ourselves on strict adherence to ethical business principles and feel that this is recognized by both candidate and employer.