Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us
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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT?
    • We are the nation’s oldest and a highly respected professional agricultural agency. We bring together qualified applicants and employers at a time of mutual need to negotiate a mutually satisfactory employer-employee relationship.
  2. What jobs are available on the Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT website?
    • We provide professional placement in all areas of agri-business and production agriculture, with divisions specializing in:
      • Agri-business operations in the grain, feed, agronomy, biofuels, animal health, and equipment sectors, and filling positions in food and beverage processing, management, sales, marketing, merchandising, accounting, and financial management
      • Production agriculture with divisions specializing in farm, ranch, feedlot, swine, equine, poultry and dairy farm operations
  3. Where are positions located?
    • Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has aligned ourselves with international firms allowing us to serve clients on five continents – North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. But the majority of our job listings are located within the United States.
  4. What happens after Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT receives your resume?
    • Each resume is evaluated in terms of the specific position for which you applied and in terms of placeability with other current and future searches.
    • If we feel we can help, you will receive a telephone interview. If this telephone interview goes well, normally your paperwork will then be presented on each of our searches that meet your and our guidelines.
    • Your application will be evaluated upon receipt. If we are unable to consider you for present searches that match your experience, location, and salary requirements, your application will be entered into our database for future consideration.
  5. What is the ‘Quick Apply’ option?
    • The ‘Quick Apply’ is a shorter, less detailed application.
    • When a candidate submits a ‘Quick Apply,’ it allows our recruiters to quickly determine whether we can assist you. If, after reviewing your information, we believe you have the qualifications our employers are looking for, you will need to register with us and complete a more detailed application.
  6. What are some reasons we can’t place a candidate?
    • Frequent job changes
    • Experience outside of our normal disciplines or industries served
    • Lack of minimum education required by the client
    • Lack of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
    • Too little experience, or too much experience for a given position
    • Inability to relocate, or targeted relocation not available in your discipline/industry
    • Compensation requests beyond the normal for your background
  7. Do you offer a visa program for migrant workers?
    • Unfortunately, we do not offer any visa programs for workers at this time.
  8. How frequently do new jobs get posted?
    • New jobs get posted every day. That’s why it’s recommended that you check our website regularly as our job listings are always changing.
  9. How do I post a job for my company?
    • If you are looking to post a job, navigate to the menu and hover over the ‘Employers’ tab. Click ‘Create a Job Order.’ The ‘Create a Job Order’ page will have a form that needs to be filled out before your job can be posted.
  10. As a candidate, does it cost me anything to work with a recruiter?
    • No. Our services are free to the candidate.