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vistacomm 11/02/2021 No Comments

NOW HIRING: Highest In Demand Ag Jobs.

NOW HIRING. HELP WANTED. APPLY INSIDE. It’s no secret that there are a large number of job opportunities right now across the country. That holds true in the agriculture sector. From our experience at Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT, these are the top five ag sectors that routinely have the most open positions.
  1. Farm Production. This is the sector that has the highest number of open positions. Jobs that fall into this category include assistant farm manager, cattle/crops assistant, crop production supervisor, and so many more. Helpful experience to have when looking for a farm production job can be having crop production and cattle feeding background, knowledge of soils, drainage, fertilizers, crop rotation, weed control, and a strong work ethic.
  2. Ranch Production. Ranch production comes in as the second leading department for the most open jobs. Frequent jobs under this category include ranch assistant, livestock assistant, cattle assistant, and ranch herdsman.  Starting salary for these positions does vary greatly depending on the position and experience level. The salaries can range from $30,000 to $100,000+ a year. These positions are spread out across the U.S., although most of these job opportunities are near the Midwest. While many of the job listings are different, most of the positions are looking for a person with experience in equipment operation, experience with cattle, and a solid crop production background.
  3. Equipment. Knowing how to operate, sell and/or fix agricultural equipment are very valuable skills as well. The equipment sector comes in with the third most positions on the Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT website. At the time of writing, there is a healthy mix of equipment sales jobs, farm mechanic, and equipment operator positions available. As mentioned above, these positions are scattered across the lower 48, but there’s a heavy presence of jobs around the Midwest.
  4. Dairy Production. When you think of jobs in the agricultural field, dairy production likely comes to mind. And guess what, you’re right! Dairy production is in our top five most common jobs on our website. While most of these jobs are focused on hands-on work with a herd of cattle, other positions, like Robot Facility Manager, require a more technical background. Herdsman, dairy operations manager, and herd manager are also common positions in the category.
  5. Sales and Marketing. Not all jobs in the agricultural industry spend their time in a field or barn. Agri-business jobs often take place in an office, focusing on the business side of the farming operation. Equipment sales, account representatives, and loan officers are just a few of the sales and marketing jobs that we have on our website right now. And although these aren’t traditional agricultural jobs, they are all ag-focused and popular on our website. Sales and marketing round out the top five ag sectors that routinely have a large number of open positions.
This list was based on the current job postings available on Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT’s website. These categories do fluctuate depending on the open jobs during any given time. That’s why checking the Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT website frequently is suggested. We also recommend registering with us. This allows us to keep your resume on file and if a job comes available matching your qualifications, one of our recruiters can reach out to you.